Who is hoops dating

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Who is hoops dating

She went to Barbizon Performing Arts Academy studying modeling and acting.Here's video of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson out in Hollywood ... with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes riding shotgun -- so, is this a date?!?? The two were leaving Katsuya in Hollywood in what appears to be a pimped out vintage Rolls-Royce convertible ... Wilson is very single after pulling the plug on his two year marriage to his college sweetheart Ashton Wilson last year. which is interesting since she was spotted around town with the Seahawks QB earlier this year. When asked what kind of athletes she likes, Hoopes says she'd rather date basketball players over football stars ... swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes just called you out by name -- she thinks you're cute, she likes your freckles ... In fact, she thinks you two were meant to be -- "My last name is Hoopes and he plays basketball! It also helps that she has a body that looks like this: Also, possible Russell Wilson diss!!!

So I reached out and asked her to describe the dating scene in L.

A., some of the differences she's seeing and, since her and I are both graduates of the University of Kentucky, I had to know how she felt about Kentucky basketball.

There will always be hot Instagram models out there, but Jamie Leigh Thornton seems to want to do even more than just modeling, so taking her talents to Los Angeles was a natural first step. Jamie Leigh Thornton: "There's always something going on! A., Is It Easier Or Harder Than It Was Back In Kentucky For You?

As an All-American beauty who has a degree in political science, Jamie Leigh has the brains, beauty and drive to become the next "it" gal. Everyday there are parades, concerts, movie premieres, album releases... Jamie Leigh Thornton: "The dating scene in Los Angeles is great, but finding actual time to date is the hard part because of my traveling and working!

difference in lifestyle and mentality, but I've adjusted easily and love it out here! " FHM: Deep Down, Though, You're Just A Country Gal Who Drinks Whisky And Listens To Sam Hunt, Right?

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Jamie Leigh Thornton: "I love whisky and country music! He's beautiful." FHM: If A Guy Wants To Get Your Attention, What's The Best Way For Him To Do So?

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