Ubuntu updating video driver

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PLEASE READ: don't email me to report bugs, unless you are sure it's a packaging bug.Not only is email not a good tool for tracking bugs, it also excludes anybody else from tracking or working on the issue.Please read the section "Debugging and reporting problems" below.

Then to test it with mplayer: mplayer -vo xvmc yourvideofile === Using alternative drivers === To run your Open GL program (in this case glxgears -info) with non default drivers: * gallium llvmpipe software render: $ LIBGL_ALWAYS_1 glxgears -info === Debugging and reporting problems === If you have some problem with the drivers try running the application from the command line and see if there are graphics related warnings.Also type dmesg to see if there are other related informations here.If you get crashes install the relevant -dbg pacakges (libgl1-dbg for X drivers) and reproduce the crash with gdb.The d directory (or file for older versions of Ubuntu) is the place that stores the configuration information for your input devices and output devices, such as video cards and monitors, as well as mice, keyboards, and tablets.This section focuses on the video card and monitor set-up.

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In Ubuntu, the X configuration directory can be found at /usr/lib/X11/d.