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by James Wallace Harris, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 I’ve never hankered after riches.

Owning fancy cars or mansions seems like too much work. Often I bought more books than I could read, and after several years of not reading them, I gave them away too.

Bookworms don’t need much money, we just need time. But for some reason, I now want to collect books as beautiful objects. For some reason that I don’t understand, I’ve developed an attraction to certain books. I’ve made a few indulgent purchases lately of hardbacks with dust jackets I admire. Since the invention of the ebook, I actually prefer to read Kindle books.

I love getting them in the mail, especially when they are in fine shape, protected by a Brodart mylar jacket. But for a psychological reason I can’t understand, I now enjoy buying old paperbacks because of their covers.

So far my purchases have been few, and always under . I’ve never really valued paperbacks until recently. I don’t know why I want to collect them because old paperbacks are fragile and deteriorating.

To read one requires great care not to damage them.

Quite often they ship paperbacks in protective plastic sleeves.Here are series of books from Ballantine I’d love to collect.I won’t let myself spend the money, so I’ll post the covers here to admire.They’ll look especially great when I view this page on my i Phone.Maybe I like these covers because the artists have illustrated short stories I know.

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I don’t feel modern cover artists illustrate stories like these old artists did.