Intimidating woman meaning

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Intimidating woman meaning

Although rape of children has always existed in Mauritius, its true prevalence has only come to light in recent decades.

Similarly, from an international perspective, the very existence of the crime dates back to antiquity.

It was not until the middle age that the European law introduced the concept of the ‘statutory rape’ .

This established the age of consent to lawful sexual intercourse.

The underlying principle would be that a child, who was under a specific age, was deemed not to have the capacity to consent to any sexual activity.

To that effect, consent was automatically disregarded as an element of the crime of rape of children.

Historically, this law was mainly intended to protect the chastity of unmarried young girls who were raped by men.

At that time, nobody was willing to marry a non virgin girl.

In 1275, according to the Statute of Westminster in England, the child who was under the age of 12 years was unable to consent to sexual intercourse. Feminists successfully managed to increase the age of consent to 16 years in 1885.However, it was clearly established that no such protection would be afforded to girls under 16 years of age, who got married with the consent of their parents.Under the French law, the age of consent was initially 11 and 13 years respectively in the 19th century, it was later increased to15 years in 1945 .This was regarded as the milestone in the history of criminalising rape of children.Later in 1989, the international community came forward with the Convention on the Rights of the child.

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