Demonoid share ratio not updating

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"Sharing Files" and "How Bit Torrent Works", the first two sections of the article, contain a great amount of material that is identical. I'm sure that's not intentional - and as I'm not an authority on Bit Torrent, nor am I much of a wikier, I'm leaving it, but I felt I should put something here. The point is that the viewer can see that at the end of all of the actions, every peer has a complete copy of the data.--Swuster , 22 August 2006 (UTC)I think the image is fine at its present speed, once you understand what it's meant to show.

Look, for example at the seeder through one run, and you see how little it has to send (just each chunk once).

Look at any other node and you see it getting its data from all over the place and sending out known chunks likewise.

You don't need to think about each connection and each chunk - that's what Bit Torrent does for you: it sorts all that out.

I'm not sure if its allowed on WP, but a Java Script animation like they use for some on-line weather sequences might be fun because you can set the animation speed, the re-start delay, and pause and single-step the whole thing.

But I think that's unnecessary, just add some labels and an explanantion underneath, as a caption, IMHO.

~Falos , 11 October 2006 (UTC) Here it is with the time intervals doubled, so the speed is halved, any better? , 25 October 2006 (UTC)) It already shows that, to some degree.If you look closely at the ends of the lines, there are small arrows.There are also small "arrow ends" at the beginnings of the lines.I agree that it could be better, but I think it's good enough to get an idea of what's happening.

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