Dating and marrage practices in fiji

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Dating and marrage practices in fiji

Story 1: I am a 24 years old Indian gay guy living here in Fiji islands.On your website, I have read some negative comments [stories 2 and 3 below] from some people on the situation of gay life in Fiji.Well I definitely don’t agree about these negative views about Fiji and how they deal with gays.For starters I do agree that an Australian national and a local were arrested for having sex.

I see lots of gay tourists coming here for holidays and holding hands and are still welcome by our people. For example, I am living in Suva with my Australian boyfriend here.I have friends who have partners here in Fiji and are open about their relationships and being gay is accepted by lots of people here in Fiji. I am a local Indian guy and we don’t experience any form of discrimination in our lives—and we have organized lots of gay parties.The writer has only talked about village life and church members that are stereotypes which are not entirely true. I hope from this that homosexuals or anybody wanting to visit Fiji should be all right.From Nic Suva, Fiji January 6, 2009 Global Gayz reply to Nic: Can you tell me more about your life in Fiji? Basically in Fiji I don’t see that being gay is a big thing.How long you have been there; how you met your boyfriend; your gay friends; gay community and social life; absence of homophobia in your life (and your friends? I met my boyfriend at nightclub in Fiji called Ed’s bar. I was born and bred in Fiji and of course I have seen how gay life has transformed over time. However, when I first came out my family wasn’t very supportive as they were shocked because I am very straight acting that might be a surprise for lots of people.

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); gay life in the larger city vs in the rural countryside; attitudes of straight people you know… However, I have also dated local guys and it seems to me gay life is pretty ‘straight’ forward here. I have lots of straight friends who actually don’t find being gay is a big thing in Fiji.