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Consumer review online dating sites

Match gives you a way to possibly meet others, but they don't do any matching.Setting your preferences has no effect in the selection of their recommendations which appear to be totally random.You can find similar dating services on free websites.Worried about finding a date for your next event, a wedding, or even a dinner party?Apply to Date is a new dating platform that wants to help you put the word out, and like The Bachelor, encourages other seeking singles to compete for a chance to date you.Similar to networking apps like Linked In, the platform lets you build a sharable web page (like a resume) that allows people to submit applications to date you.

She was surprised when she received over 250 applications, and some from former friends she knew back in middle school.

Carole Markin went on her second date in early 2010 with a man whom she had met on

After dinner, he drove her home and asked to use her bathroom. Markin later searched for information about her attacker on Google and found that the man had a history of violence and had been convicted of rape.

“I believe that my case would have been totally preventable,” if Match had screened him in the first place, Markin tells Consumers Digest.

now screens its users against the National Sex Offender registry databases and started to do so after Markin sought a court order that required the company to screen.

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Even so, says an error in one of the databases meant that the name of Markin’s attacker wouldn’t have appeared on the list of sex offenders anyway.