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I still don’t hate it though and I will finish the bottle (thankfully I bought it on sale).

I wear it only when I want to feel a bit more elegant, not so much attractive, it doesn’t work for that.

I like what Chloe fragrances stand for, they all have an innocent, pretty and vintage vibe, I just haven’t found one that works with me yet.

Maybe I should try love story again, I remember liking it.

It's like the rose version but somehow, everything wrong with that one, is worse in this one... It's very popular and many girls like it but not me, i gives me headache to be around someone who wears it , really tried to see the beauty in it but i couldn't..

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It's floral but over the top floral to the point it's not feminine anymore. to me it's a soap not a perfume, clen and fresh soap though.